About Us

SoFruPak®, much more than your business card!

SoFruPak®’s mission is to be the leading supplier of soft fruit/produce cardboard packaging solutions through innovation, enhancement of customer productivity, minimization of product spoilage and maximization of savings in transportation and warehousing savings, achieved in a clean and environmentally responsible manner.

In early 2016 SoFruPak® completed market research of the available packaging containers for soft fruits/produce. The results of this research led us to the revolutionary SoFruPak® invention, which addressed the shortcomings of the containers presently used with soft fruits/produce. Our first public showing of SoFruPak® packaging was at the National Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair (TSW 2016) held at the Warsaw Expo Centre. SoFruPak® won the Most Innovative Product award, a validation of our research.

We are committed to aggressive strategic marketing, with quality products at competitive prices to provide the best packaging systems for the soft fruit/produce industry. With this in mind, these are the solutions our SoFruPak®, SoFruMiniPak® and SoFruBox® address as a result of our research.
The supply of packaging to this industry has traditionally been accomplished by a finished, ready to use container. This mindset has many disadvantages that are solved by our packaging system. All SoFruPak packaging systems are shipped folded flat. This innovation saves costs in transportation as the product maximizes the number of containers that can be transported in a given space. After transportation, the folded flat container further saves warehousing costs. All SoFruPak packaging is easily assembled in seconds. (See Video)

Of great concern to growers and packers is the ability, to quickly cool the product to reduce spoilage and maintain flavour. The venting holes in SoFruPak® and SoFruMiniPak®, plus the free space when packaged in conjunction with SoFruBox®, assure quicker cooling.

Whether you want to attract new customers, retain existing ones, drive incremental sales, or reinforce brand loyalty, SoFruPak is the packaging system that you need. Both growers and packers identified a need to differentiate their product from their competitors in the marketplace. SoFruPak®, SoFruMiniPak® and SoFruBox® can be supplied with your logo, fruit/produce types, and any other information that you consider important. This advertisement allows the consumer to identify with a product and therefore, seek that product the next time they shop.

It is our commitment to produce a product that meets today’s ecological concerns. SoFruPak products are fully recyclable, not only in the reuse of material but also in the repurpose use of the container by the consumer. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff has tailored our product to make it appealing. It is a clean, colourful and aesthetic product, something the consumer will notice and appreciate.

Our collaborative approach to solving the problems of this industry, have been paramount in SoFruPak solving the disadvantages of using traditional packaging of soft fruits/produce in this industry.
Our work is not yet over, we are currently evaluating other sizes, seeking further innovation to satisfy today’s ever changing challenges in the soft fruit/produce industry.

SoFruPak® and SoFruBox® are registered products, patent-pending.